Monday, October 12, 2009

Deitch Studios, The Open

Check out the new show I am in!

September 10, 2009 — October 25, 2009
4-40 44th Drive, Long Island City

The Open, an exhibition of works by thirty-one emerging artists in the New York Community, will debut at Deitch Studios on the East River in Long Island City on Thursday evening, September 10th.

The artists in The Open represent several directions being explored by young artists in New York. One trend is a reinvigorated investigation of abstraction in painting and sculpture. Another is a conceptual approach to figuration, both in painting and sculpture. There is also a new twist on the exuberant fusion of fine art and popular culture.

The Open has been organized by Dodie Kazanjian, who covers the art world for Vogue, and the directors of Deitch Projects. Artists in the initial selection were asked to recommend other artists for the project. The selection process mirrored the organic way that information circulates in the New York art community.

On the tradition of Deitch Studios, the exhibition program will include a Sunday School, with talks and workshops on topics suggested by the artists in the show. The Sunday School programs will take place every Sunday evening during the run of the exhibition, from 6 - 8 PM.

The artists in the exhibition are:

Sebastian Black
Alison Blickle
Eoin Burke
Scott Campbell
Borden Capalino
Whitney Claflin
Caleb Considine
Christian de Vietri
Abigail DeVille
Peter Demos
Keltie Ferris
Aaron Gilbert
Kathy Grayson
Evan Gruzis
Josephine Halvorson
Midori Harima
Joshua Abram Howard
Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline
Adam Krueger
Eva LeWitt
Brendan Lynch
Cassandra MacLeod
Ted Mineo
Alyssa Pheobus
Cassie Raihl
Theo A. Rosenblum
Chelsea Seltzer
Patricia Treib
Antoine Wagner
Didier William
Saya Woolfalk

The Sunday School Program:

Extra-Ordinary, A Lecture and Workshop featuring Saya Woolfalk, Natsu, Vadis Turner, Karen Azoulay.

Sunday, October 11, at 6 pm

Each of these four artists use laborious craft based methods to infuse everyday objects and materials with stories of magic and wonder. For the October 11th Sunday School the artists will show images and speak a little about their work. This will be followed by short demonstrations of methods anyone can use to fashion everyday spaces into alternative narrative places.

Saya Woolfalk - Demo with Elmer's Glue and Paper Mache

Natsu - Demo with Plastic Beads and Wire

Vadis Turner - Demo with Weaving Fabric

Karen Azoulay - Demo with Dying Fabric